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Hey everyone!

How do you like my new site? Well I hope you love it because it took me 3 days and countless hours to complete it lol. This was definitely one of those times where something looks easier than it actually is.

Since the season is slowly changing into fall, I thought that it was the perfect time to bring out some jackets. I mean, I’ve been buying jackets for at least 4 months now. So what better excuse do is there? This skirt is from H&M (of course). I am just loving their fall 2014 collection. This fall will be all about colors! I just fell in love with the quilted fabric and the fact that it was a little thicker for colder days.

Enjoy your day and stay cool (literally)

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Jacket, Zara - Shirt, Urban Outfitters - Skirt, H&M Fall Collection 2014 - Shoes, Converse

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Photographed By: Alexis Townsend